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I have now finished my time overseas and have been home for almost two years now. I've decided to go to Palmer Chiropractic College as a means to create a career for myself. I miss the traveling, but the hope is that I'll be able to afford to travel all I want in my nearish future.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not Done With Africa Yet

During my travels, I wrote a fair amount about my diving experience at Tofo Scuba in Mozambique. After diving with them for a couple of weeks, the manager was talking with me one night and said, 'Brett, I've got a business proposal for you. We like having you around the shop. You're a smiley type of guy and a good diver. Would you like to come back in February to work?' My first reaction was 'Of course.' Then I got to thinking about how I hadn't been home for a couple of years and that maybe it was time for me to grow up. My 26th birthday was near and I wasn't sure how long I could go faffing around the world before needing to buckle down and getting a real job (or something that at least resembles it).
I gave Steve (the manager) a tentative yes to his question but kept saying, 'unless I get some great opportunity back home, I'll come back.' I don't recall if it was on the airplane or during the rest of my travels, but it dawned on me that getting to work at a diving shop on a beach in Mozambique is a pretty good opportunity so I emailed him and gave him a positive answer. I just bought my tickets yesterday and will be leaving home on January 9.
My official title there will be, Dive Master Trainee, or DMT. In diving, there are a plethora of certifications you can get, and Dive Master is the first one that you can find a paying job with. I need to get a lot more experience diving before I can become DM so Tofo Scuba will give me all of the training for free if I do pro bono work there for three months. It will basically come down to me getting $9000 worth of dives and training for free. I'll work in the shop and go on two or three dives each day where I'll act as a sweeper. I'll hang around the back of the group and make sure that none of the customers are doing anything stupid or having any problems. I'll work 6days/week and should end up with about 150 or 160 dives at the end of my time. I already bought a wetsuit and dive computer, so I'm ready to go.


  • At 7:35 PM , Anonymous JoMaMa said...

    GO for it kiddo...26? I hope you don't think that's old? I checked and the oldest PC volunteer was have a lot more adventuring to do yet.


  • At 8:09 PM , Blogger Ned said...

    That's awesome Brett. I be jealousy that you'll be seeing mantas and whalesharks galore. And you're going back so soon! (Africa gets into your blood, doesn't it?!)


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