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I have now finished my time overseas and have been home for almost two years now. I've decided to go to Palmer Chiropractic College as a means to create a career for myself. I miss the traveling, but the hope is that I'll be able to afford to travel all I want in my nearish future.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Place...

I'm finally back. After 45 hours of being contained in planes and airports, my ship has come in. The reunion with the folks was heartwarming, and my first shower back was fantastic. Unfortunately, my bag didn't show up at the airport, but supposedly it's in Denver and will be dropped off tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, my sister flies in and doesn't know I'm back yet, so that should be fun. I haven't seen her since May 2005 which is the longest ever. She's bringing her boyfriend, so that will be fun playing the 'getting to know you' game. I've met him before, and he's a nice guy, but haven't gotten to spend the quality one-on-one protective younger brother game yet. Sounds great.
In other news, after years of resisting signing up for something as foul and awful as facebook, I finally did it. If you want to look me up, I'm the brett pearson whose picture is that of an African garden gnome.
PS, I got a ticket to see Modest Mouse at the Val Air Ballroom, so if anyone is in DSM and would like to go, then pick one up yourself and we can go together.


  • At 8:38 AM , Anonymous JoMaMa said...

    Brett, thanks for's been so fun reading your blog the past two years, and I'm glad you are home safe and sound, as I'm sure your folks are too! Thanks, too, for serving in the PC, and I hope that your life continues to be an adventure!


  • At 9:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Welcome back! It's been a pleasure to read your blog over the past few years. I've given the link to students of mine who have considered a PC experience.

    I wish you the best of luck as you readjust to life in the States. If you're ever in the Twin Cities, you've got a place to stay.

    Take care,
    Don Riley


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